Our Projects

We work to improve the well-being of Tigrayans and to build a healthcare system in Tigray that is patient-centered, efficient, accessible, and innovative.

Malnutrition Project

Addressing Malnutrition in Tigray: The Teana Sabawian and Maedot Charity Malnutrition Project

In the face of a dire humanitarian crisis caused by the genocidal war on Tigray, the Malnutrition Project was launched on February 24, 2022, with the aim of combating malnutrition among children in Tigray. Originally intended to procure Therapeutic Foods, such as specially formulated milk (F-75 & F-100) and nutritious bars, challenges in obtaining these items led to the implementation of an alternative strategy centered around locally produced fortified food.

Meal-providing project for the patients at Mekelle General and Ayder Referral Hospital.

Enhancing Nutrition and Care: The Meal-Providing Project for Patients at Mekelle General and Ayder Referral Hospital

The Meal-providing project for patients at Mekelle General and Ayder Referral Hospital was launched on March 14, 2022, through a collaboration with the Maedot Charity Organization [Maedot Charity], located in Mekelle, the capital of Tigray. This vital initiative aimed to address the dire nutritional needs of patients who have been profoundly affected by the genocidal war in Tigray. Not only were the hospitals struggling to provide proper medical treatments, but they were also unable to offer regular meals to their patients, exacerbating their already challenging circumstances.

Gardening In Sudan Refugee Camps – “Planting for Hope and Peace” project Planting for Hope and Peace:

Empowering Tigrayan Refugees Through Gardening in Sudan Refugee Camps

The “Planting for Hope and Peace” project was initiated in response to the nutrition and mental health needs of Tigrayan refugees in Hasheba and Tenedba camps in Sudan. By leveraging the power of gardening, this project aimed to improve access to nutritious food, equip refugees with a coping mechanism, and empower them through community efforts.