About Teana Sabawian

The name “Teana Sabawian” was chosen to reflect the organization’s focus on well-being and its target population, the people of Tigray.

About Teana Sabawain (TS)

Teana Sabawian (TS) is a nonprofit organization committed to advocating for, educating about, and assisting in the reconstruction of Tigray’s healthcare system. It was founded by Tigrayan healthcare professionals and allied professional students from around the world. The primary goal of TS is to address the deficiencies in healthcare services in Tigray, with a specific focus on rehabilitating and rebuilding the healthcare system that was deliberately destroyed during the genocidal war on Tigray.

Teana: (noun)

Teana is a Tigrinya word equivalent to well-being . The word encompasses both physical and mental health. It is often used as a greetings Tigrayans. For instance, “ጥዕና ይሃበለይ” read as ‘Teana Yehabeley”  is a greeting used in day to day life of Tigrayans. It translates to “may you receive health or well-being.”

Sabawian: (noun) 

Sabawian is a Tigrinya word that refers to the descendants of Queen Sheba (Saba). The people of Tigray are believed to be the descendants of Queen Sheba, hence the name Sabawian was chosen to reflect that.

Fun fact: Queen Sheba is a historical figure mentioned in religious texts, such as the Bible and Quran, renowned for her beauty and leadership qualities. Historians believe that she ruled the Axumite Kingdom, which encompassed present-day Tigray and Eritrea and was one of the oldest civilizations. [More about Queen Sheba].

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